Sounding Cov: 11 Hours of Non-Stop Mantra

Sing, sleep, sit, dance, play, laugh, make a wish for Coventry!

SOUNDING COV is a creative, musical, community project focused on one event: 11 hours of chanting continuously, followed by 1 hour of silence.

Now in its third year, Sounding Cov is gathering momentum. This year’s event – which takes place on Wednesday 14 November – is dedicated to strengthening the power of the Female throughout Coventry.

Fuelled by the power of Sanskrit mantra, the initiative uses the capacity of sound to make change. This is an idea that will become more popular in the coming years, as we see increasing recognition and value given to the power of sound.

The core of the sound consists of four Sanskrit mantras, specifically chosen to engage with the land of Coventry City Centre, to:
1) Clear obstacles and unify
2) Release a chain of distressful events and attract positive energy
3) Generate self- worth and confidence
4) Create peace (locally in Coventry and globally)

Each mantra takes place for 15mins each, so within 1 hour, all 4 mantras are sounded: this process repeats over 11 hours. 1 hour of silence follows. Each mantra has a different musical flavour – Indian, Irish, African and Afro-Caribbean.

Chanting these mantras benefits the land of Coventry; it also directly benefits the lives of the individuals who chant them. Everyone is invited to make a wish for Coventry.

You are invited to sing the 4 mantras to attract positive energy, confidence and peace in Coventry and make a wish for the city. Wishes from previous years will also be on display.

After 11 hours of chanting, participants sit in silence for 1 hour. You’re welcome to come for 5 mins or stay for the whole 12 hours.

Bring sleeping bags, instruments, cushions, your pets, your children, your friends, yourselves. This event is free to attend. We do welcome donations on the door. Food and drink available to purchase throughout the night.

Free parking is available 2 mins from the venue, until 8am the next morning.


The Broomfield Tavern, 14-16 Broomfield Place, Earlsdon Coventry CV5 6GY.


Meet at 6.30pm. Chanting: 7pm to 6am 1 hour of silence 6am-7am


Wednesday 14 November 2012 (finishes Thursday 15 November)

More details from: Sara McCarthy tel: 07876 298613 email