Sampad European Placement Programme for Digital Learning

Earlier this year, sampad launched the Sampad European Placement Programme for Digital Learning.

It creates a rather unmemorable acronym, so we decided to call it SEPP:Digital, not perfect, but marginally better than SEPPFDL!

We are now recruiting UK based individuals for a series of placements with partner organisations in Austria, Spain and the Netherlands.

Recruiting now! Details here

The organisations are leaders in the fields of digital technology and artistic practice across a range of disciplines including research, innovation, production and development of digital products, distribution and dissemination.

There will be 33 placement opportunities in total between July 2012 and March 2014, ranging in duration from two to eight weeks. You will be eligible to apply for more than one opportunity, however if you are successful with your application, you can only undertake a participation opportunity once.

The learning opportunities will be open to an even wider pool of people in the sector than our previous programme, with a particular focus, though not exclusively, on South Asian and culturally diverse practices and how they can benefit from the interaction of those working with digital technologies.

The key aim is to contribute to increasing the skills and knowledge of artists and creative professionals with a particular focus on under-represented minority ethnic individuals.

If you have an interest in developing knowledge and experience in the use of digital technology, and are:

  • An artist with some experience of using digital technology and/or have a desire to learn more
  • A creative professional with some experience of using digital technology within arts practices and/or have a desire to learn more
  • An individual working in cultural management and arts project support
  • A curator or producer workling within an arts context

then this programme could be for you.

We will open up a number of recruitment calls. This is the first recruitment call for opportunities at Ars Electronica Future Festival. Options include:

  • Cultural management support from July to September 2012 × 2 posts for individuals with a good level of experience in cultural management.
  • Festival info trainers and technical support from late August to September 2012 × 8 posts for individuals with some experience of working and/or volunteering on cultural projects such as festivals.

What you would need to commit to:

  • Undertake linguistic preparation classes
  • Undertake a work placement for the dates and duration stated within the Training Content Plan
  • Write a case study and participate in a research evaluation
  • Participate in personal and sector development

What is in it for you?

  • Learn new understanding of how organisations incorporate technology
  • Acquire new language skills
  • Gain sector knowledge from a different country
  • Make new friends and contacts

If you would like to find out more or if you have any questions please contact Sampad on on 0121 446 3260 or email