Journeys winners: 16 yrs and over

sampad is delighted to announce the winners of our Journeys international writing competition in the 16+ category:

Kashif Choudhry, Solihul The Patriarch
Eisha Karol, London My Mother
Saira Nisa, Birmingham Universal Time Traveller
Skinder Hundal, Birmingham Ancient Clouds
Sue Newton, Coventry Pyjama Party
Sala Choudhary, Southampton same to same
Arun Budhathoki, Nepal A Farewell Note
Arun Budhathoki, Nepal A Train Journey
Michael Brett, London Bangladesh, London
Michael Brett, London London-from Aqaba to Zem Zem
Usha Kishore, Isle of Man The Journey of a Lifetime
Navkirat Sodhi, New Delhi By and By
Atar Hadari, Hebden Bridge, Yorks The Return
Takbir Uddin, London Journey to the Motherland
Takbir Uddin, London Home
Safia Chaudhary, Hounslow Before
Aftab Khan Farooqui, Goa, India Notes To Mehr: The South of France
Aftab Khan Farooqui, Goa, India Notes to Mehr: The West End
Sahna Iqbal, Birmingham Desired Flavour
Safia Chaudhury, Hounslow Life & Myself
Rahul Karmakar, Assam, India The Sea
Rahul Karmakar, Assam, India Father
Sid Lassi, Birmingham Puttar! (Child)
Renita D’Silva, Surrey Dreams of Home
Ranjit Singh Bahia, Walsall The Beginning
Amendra Pokharel, Nepal From Slingshot Days
Judith Huang Perth, Australia Atomicae
Mahfuz Ali, Kingston u Thames Bangladesh Began in Rain
Mahfuz Ali, Kingston u Thames I am not a stranger to this world
Mahfuz Ali, Kingston u Thames When Bangladesh Floats in a Water Hyacinth
Mahfuz Ali, Kingston u Thames Necklace of Broken Roads
Mahfuz Ali, Kingston u Thames Nobody Told Me
Tanuja Karunarathne, London Journey of So Called Life
Arun Ganapathy, Delhi, India Journey in search of HIM on a summers evening
Avishek Parui, West Bengal If on a Winter Night 2 Travellers
Richa Wah,i Kolkata The Honeymoon
Richa Wahi, Kolkata Let’s Jog
Shaheema Shaw, Tamil Nadu Madam, only Rs 40 to Nowhere, Chennai
Jayani Chathurika Senanayake, Sri Lanka Pimply faced Teenagers
Jayani Chathurika Senanayake, Sri Lanka Colonial Residue
Hartman de Souza, Goa no title given
Ujwala Samarth, Pune, India Curry Sauce: A Journey to & from The recipe That is India
Arun Budhathoki, Nepal Confession
Sairah Akhta, Smethwick Lost and Found
Sabah Hadi, London One Day
Pravin Jeyaraj, Surrey Coffee With a Stranger
Roxanne Firdos, West Yorkshire Not the Silk Road
Tamsin Evans, Devon Six O’Clock Meeting
Sahera Parveen, Small Heath God in Silence
Mina Maisuria, Essex Farishta (Angel)
Jayani Chathurika Senanayake, Sri Lanka Bullet Hole in my Memory
Salil Desai, Pune, India For Old Times’ Sake
Masud Khan, Bangladesh Finding Anjun
Sabrina Ahmad, Bangladesh Rewind
Iffat Nawaz, Bangladesh Three
Tisa Muhaddess, Bangladesh In the Womb
Asim Anwer Ansari, Uttar Pradesh, India I Journey
Munize Manzur, Bangladesh Of Bags and Baggage
Munize Manzur, Bangladesh From Zero Point
Hazel Larkin, Co. Kildare, Ireland Party in Mumbai
Farah Ghuznavi, Bangladesh The Homecoming
Deepa Kylasam Iyer, Puducherry, India Tryst with Destiny
Salahdin Iman, Bangladesh Australia Dreaming
Adrian Johnson, Birmingham Impshi, impshi! Jaldi, jaldi!
Bal Saini, Birmingham, The final promise
Amrita Bandopadhyay, Kolkata, India Home Tonight
Bal Siani, Birmingham, My mother’s land
Hema Raman, Chennai, India Lost Messages
Hema Raman, Chennai, India Shadow Men
Mohan Raorane, Mumbai, India _I to Infinite_ 
Sadaf Saaz Siddiqi, Bangladesh Something within
Sadaf Saaz Siddiqi, Bangladesh At Last
Denise Robertson, Birmingham Journey’s End
Juhi Basoya, New Delhi, India She Travels
Lee Zhi Xin, Singapore The Naming of Absences
Farrah Jarra, London Pilgrimage
Rasagya Kabra, UP, India The River
Kavita Amarnani, Brighton, My Grandmother’s Laugh
Kshama Chhapkhanawalla, Mumbai, India Musical Chairs
Rajan Soni, London The Smell of Ancestors
Pervin Chhapkhanawala, Pune, India What’s in A Name
Sonali Pattnaik, Mumbai, India Rerouting to Arrival
Aayush Niroula, Nepal Home by way of genes
Juhi Basoya, New Delhi, India Compass Travels
Shagorika Talukder, London, Shadows on a Wall
Shagorika Talukde, London, Birds of Paradise
Ephraim Tan, Singapore Connecting Dots
Ephraim Tan, Singapore Cliffside
Ephraim Tan, Singapore Time Always

Congratulations! All our successful entries will be published in an anthology, entitled Journeys, which will be launched in October 2010.

The overall winners of the prize money will be announced at the launch event.

Thankyou to everybody who entered. The judges were extremely impressed with the high standard, and with nearly 500 entries to choose from, they had a very difficult task.

Unfortunately, due to the high number of entries we recieved, we cannot contact everybody individually if you were not successful.


shankar sahay
from delhi, india

can you let me know the judge's comment about my

from sampad

Hi Shankar,
Unfortunately, because of the extremely high number of entries, the judges couldn't give individual feedback for every piece.
Kind regards,

Avishek Parui
from Durham, UK

Hello! My poem If on a Winter Night Two Travellers has been selected for the anthology. I would like to know if the contributors would receive a copy of it as and when it is published. I'm currently doing my PhD in English at the University of Durham and I'm staying at St. Aidan's College. My home address in India is of course with you. But I was wondering if it would be possible for you to send a contributor's copy to me at my present address at St Aidan's College,
Durham University,
Windmill Hill,
Durham DH1 3LJ. My UK phone number, should you require it, is 07942853435... Thank you and kind regards.

Anne Cockitt
from Birmingham

Dear Avishek
We are launching the book on Weds 6 October here in Birmingham. If you are able to attend, let me know, it's in the evening. Otherwise we will post you 2 free copies after teh 6th to UK address.


Avishek Parui
from Durham, UK

I'm not sure if I would be able to make it on the 6th as I have a programme at my department in the evening. It would be very kind of you to send me the copies at my Durham address. I'd let you know as and when I receive the post. Thank you.

Amendra Pokharel
from Nepal

Hi, just wanted to know whether you are going to send the two copies of the anthology to the winning writers who live outside the UK?

from sampad

Following the UK launch of Journeys on 6 October, we will be posting out 2 free copies of the book to each UK based winner who could not attend the launch, and to winners in other counties, apart from India.
The British Council will be hosting a launch in Kolkata in mid December and all winners who live in India will be invited to attend and receive their copies of the book. As soon as this launch date is announced, we will put it on the sampad website and we will email all the winners in India. For those who are not able to attend this launch, we will be in touch to let you know how we will get the books to you.

Avishek Parui
from Durham, UK

I received my contribitors' copies of the Journeys anthology posted to me at my college in's a delightful collection excellently compiled and designed...I'm proud to have featured in such a rich and varied body of creative work..Thank you so much!

Avishek Parui
from Durham, UK

Also, please post the date when you plan to launch Journeys in India... I would return to Kolkata for a month in December and would be delighted to attend the launch if you have one at the Kolkata British Council..

Asim Anwer Ansar
from India

Hi, I just wish to know uptill when I'll be getting my complimentary copy of this anthology? As it was informed to me that it'll be there till Oct 2010(My entry was selected for the competition.).

from sampad

Hi Asim - Copies of the book will be posted to the winners in India after the Kolkata launch in mid-December. The date is still to be confirmed, but we will announce it on the website. All winners in India will be invited to the launch too.

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