100 Images of Migration Competition

Migration Museum Project: 100 Images of Migration Competition

The Migration Museum Project is an exciting venture with aims to establish a new national Migration Museum in the UK.

In conjunction with the Guardian newspaper, it is running a 100 Images of Migration competition. Participants are invited to upload images resonant of migration with a short explanation of what the image means to them.

Images can feature something very personal like an object brought to the UK or something in the public domain like a bank note printed on Huguenot Portal family paper. Or anything else that speaks of migration.

Photographs, paintings, collages, or any other kinds of image are welcome. A selection of winning entries will feature in Guardian Weekend magazine.

The competition runs until 15th July 2011 and images can be uploaded via the Guardian article at http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2011/may/04/migration-museum-photography-competition or via the Migration Museum Project website at http://www.migrationmuseum.org

Picture: Migration: Polish bible by Tim Smith
A woman born in Britain holds the only two possessions her Polish mother brought with her when she arrived in this country shortly after the end of the Second World War. They are her Polish bible, and a photograph of her holding the bible on the farm in Germany to which she was deported to work during the War. She never returned to Poland. I like this picture as it is indicative of the few things that many migrants are able to carry with them on the often difficult journeys that they are forced into making: their culture and their memories.

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